About St. Maarten Development Fund Foundation

he St. Maarten Development Fund Foundation ("SMDF") was established in May 2012 with the objective to mediate in the development and financing of projects and programs that contribute to the social & community development of Sint Maarten in the area of poverty alleviation, integrated neighborhood development, youth development & support, senior care & support, social care to vulnerable groups and gender support. The SMDF takes into account the priorities of Sint Maarten as outlined in the Miller Development Goals and the National Development Plan SMDF has been funding 23 Foundations on St. Maarten for the last 7 years and operates on a budget of ANG. 4 Million per year. Over calendar year 2018/2019 SMDF has executed projects & programs for ANG.7 Million in addition to the funding & operational budget. SMDF has a staff of three (3) FTE headed by a Managing Director.

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