The Executive Council of Public Entity Sint Eustatius, Caribbean Netherlands is in short term seeking candidates interested in the following function

1 FTE Communications Advisor – Bureau Bestuursondersteuning (Policy Advisor A)

As communication advisor you are the connecting link between administration, organization, partners and the inhabitants of St. Eustatius. Together with your colleagues you communicate and present the Public Entity to the outside world. You are a member of the Support staff. The support staff consists of several teams: management, communication and judicial support. You work with and are sometimes the spokespersons of the Executive Council. Together with colleagues from the Communication team you work on the rollout of the communication strategy

Specific Requirements 

  • Bachelors degree in Communication and/or Journalism;
  • A minimum of 5 yearsexperience in a communication or journalism function;
  • General knowledge of basic communication protocol and communication strategies.
  • 3 5 yearsexperience with developing and facilitating communication protocols.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Dutch

Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. Policy development on the management level 

  • inventories and analyzes social and political developments in the concerned policy area and evaluates the relevance of these for management; fine tunes policy to be developed with and between units and managers;
  • performs (literaturebased, statistical, etc.) research, gears this to the field and formulates proposals for the modification of policy for the director;
  • develops (mathematical) models and (policy) scenarios in which the consequences are made clear;
  • participates in (preliminary) consultation with other boards, ministries, islands, and representatives of the business community concerning the alignment of policy plans;
  • drafts policy and advisory notes, memorandums, reports, prognoses, plans of approach, project proposals etc.;
  • advises on product development and contributes to quality assurance in the area of interest for the management and maintains a contact network

     2. Policy implementation 

  • develops instruments and procedures for the implementation of policies and provides information;
  • advises on the aspects of implementation of policy plans concerning the relevant policy area of the management;
  • monitors and supervises the implementation of policy (plans and activities) and  innovation of the organization and advises on the adjustment of these;
  • writes terms of references, requests for financial support, schemes, plans of approach, etc., assesses tenders, drafts advice on awarding commissions, performs preparatory talks to reach an agreement, and manages the contracts;
  • drafts regulations, executive decisions, permits, grants of subsidies and ordinances;
  • performs preliminary consultation with stakeholders concerning policy implementation, monitors the progress of policy implementation and drafts progress reports;
  • provides the basic information for budget control, estimate and longrange estimates; evaluates bottlenecks in the implementation of policy, evaluates the effectiveness of policy measures and makes proposals to adjust policy
  1. Leads (management wide or multidisciplinary) projects 

  • develops the project plan, sets priorities, makes the project planning and takes care of the management and implementation documents;
  • coordinates the contributions from various disciplines, the internal coordination of subprojects and the commitment of employees;
  • maintains internal and external contact networks, negotiates with representatives of target groups, special interest groups, governments and external consultancies; monitors quality, timeliness, budget, organization and the provision of information;
  • informs the board and management of project approach, progress and evaluation;
  • solves bottlenecks in the implementation;
  • participates in other projects; responsible for the realization of the end product
  1. Skills and Knowledge 

  • Broad knowledge of the concerned policy area of government care and of relevant related policy areas on the management level;
  • specialist knowledge of current law, in the field of administrative, constitutional as well as civil law;
  • insight in the functioning of public administration, government organization and related decisionmaking settings and sensitivities;
  • skills in aligning matters and drafting of policy and advisory notes, legal proceedings, changes in legislation, requests, plans, etc.;
  • skills in estimating the administrative relations and the administrative/political and technical feasibility of recommendations or proposals

Working Conditions

Job scale 11 minimum gross $3,536.30 to maximum $ 4,751.34 gross for a 39.5 hour working week. Salary scaling depends on work experience and education level.

Please send your motivation letter and resume by July 26th, 2020, to the email below

Executive Council of Public Entity St. Eustatius T.a.v. Unit manager Internal Services Ms. F. Gibbs Fort Oranjestraat 7, St. Eustatius Dutch Caribbean Email: personnel.affairs@statiagov.com