Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labor

If you are a medical doctor or a pharmacist and are looking for a challenge, the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labor is looking for an enthusiastic, dynamic, experienced and qualified professional to fill the following function.

Head of the Inspectorate

As Head of the Inspectorate, you will be responsible for the management of the supervisory service in the diverse and multifaceted field of Public Health, Social Development and Labor. You will be in charge of independently supervising, enforcing, and reporting on compliance with laws, regulations, and the operation of quality systems. You will be in charge of coordinating investigations, spotting risks or violations, and intervening in a preventive and/or corrective manner.

You will direct the overall development of the field of supervision and enforcement to provide quality assurance, as well as provide advice on policy and execution of field-specific measures.

You will need a broad or specialized knowledge of the policies and legislation in the area of Public Health, Social Development and Labor as well as knowledge of administrative and organizational structures within the government and that of the functioning of the business community.

You will be responsible for submitting petitions and initiating (complex) proceedings before the court, chair or participating in large and complex implementation projects and participate in ministerial/departmental consultation and advise on overarching issues based on the area of expertise.

Skills should include

  • Management experience
  • Advising experience
  • Guiding projects and working groups
  • Result-oriented negotiation
  • The ability to convey and defend Governmental positions, including in an (inter)national context

Requirements for our preferred candidate

  • Master’s Degree in the field of pharmaceuticals and/or medicine;
  • Previous experience of working within a similar field;
  • Experience with working in a high pressure environment;
  • Committed, driven and tenacious;
  • Client oriented and organization focused;
  • Ability to easily familiarize oneself with new legislation;
  • Fluent in the Dutch and English language, both oral and written, with a strong emphasis on writing skills in both languages.


Salary range: minimum NAF. 6.934,00 to maximum NAF. 12.629,00.
The salary is based on your relevant work experience and overall qualifications.

Application period

If you are the right candidate for this position, please submit your application letter and resume no later than May 31, 2022 to:

The Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labor Attn: Joy Arnell
Acting Secretary General
Soualiga Road 1, Pond Island

Philipsburg, St. Maarten
Email : [email protected]
Cc : [email protected]
[email protected]

For additional information, please contact the Acting Secretary General via email address [email protected]