Organizational relationship Reports to the Director of Maintenance


The Licensed Mechanic when provided with a Company Authorization (ACA) is able to perform a Certificate of Release to Service or maintenance release on equipment for which he is qualified. He is to perform those duties assigned to him by the shift supervisor or Director of Maintenance. He may supervise, assist, and oversee the work carried out by unlicensed individuals and those under on-the-job training.


The work of the licensed mechanic consists of any and all tasks generally recognized as, but not limited to work on or about aircraft and component parts. The mechanic will be required to inspect and test systems and component parts and to sign for the work performed. The mechanic must be capable of performing satisfactorily to Company Maintenance Manual requirements and standards. Mechanics may also be required to instruct less experienced employees.

His/her specific responsibilities shall include the following:

  • Ability to overhaul, perform maintenance, and repair of airframes, components, power plants, aircraft communication equipment, and associated components, in accordance with company manuals, as well as SMCAA regulations and requirements.
  • Be alert for defective work or failed parts as well as safe working conditions and work independently to correct the problem. Has authority and responsibility to sign for all work accomplished when issued with company Authorization.
  • Ensures that manuals are up to date and that he is fully versed and cognizant of procedures and changes including SMCAA regulations and requirements and is responsible for ensuring Manufacturers and company manuals are used properly.
  • Assists the shift supervisor in assessing the daily workload
  • Signs for compliance with aircraft repairs and inspection procedures when accomplished.
  • During duty hours adheres to company guidelines and “Company Rules”.
  • Maintains the work areas clean. Return all equipment and tools to the assigned area.
  • Report all inoperative or faulty equipment to the Lead Mechanic (Supervisor) in charge.
  • Ensures all steps of a maintenance action and inspection are properly completed prior to signing compliance on the applicable documentation, and ensures that all work was carried out in accordance with approved data.
  • Supervises the work accomplished by the unlicensed Assistant Mechanics in the carrying out of Maintenance Activities during a particular shift to which he/she is assigned and signs off the OJT record of the assistant or other licensed mechanics.
  • Will at the commencement of each repair or inspection initiate the proper documentation as required. Parts tags will include a complete description of the discrepancy on all removed parts. This information, when complete, will be passed on to the Shift Supervisor.
  • Assist the Shift Supervisor as assigned in assuring technical manuals and documents are maintained and currently revised.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Shift Supervisor or Director of Maintenance.
  • Will maintain his own adequate tool kit, and ensure those belonging to the company are returned in good condition while ensuring an adequate means of inventory control of his own, and company-assigned tooling.


The Licensed Mechanic shall have completed an approved course in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering or the equivalent at a recognized facility, or have completed an apprenticeship at an approved maintenance organization for a minimum of 2 years. He/she must show the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to have been granted a National Aviation Mechanic License and have successfully passed the Air Regulations examination of the Netherlands Antilles prior to the issue of a Company Authorization (ACA) by the Quality Assurance Manager of WINAIR.

The following qualifications should be met:

  • Hold a valid SMCAA, Airframe, Power plant, and or Avionics Certificate (A, B, or C ratings).
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude towards productivity and quality maintenance/inspections.
  • Knowledge of the applicable parts of the General Maintenance Manual that pertain to the responsibility and to the work assigned
  • Knowledge of the Maintenance Schedules, Work Order procedures, and proper method and application of the different forms required to complete the work

Interested candidates, Dutch nationals or people with a permanent St. Maarten residency preferred, can apply in writing with a motivation letter and resume to [email protected]

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