Office Cleaner 

SJIS seeks an Office Cleaner with immediate effect to clean and sanitize our workspaces.  The ideal candidate has relevant cleaning experience and is efficient in mopping, sweeping,  dusting, sanitizing, and other custodial duties. We are looking for a hardworking individual to implement a high standard of cleanliness for our office. You will work alone, but being able to collaborate with others, follow instructions, and stay on-task is key. 

Office Cleaner Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Clean workspaces, common areas, offices, hallways, and bathrooms Sweep, mop, and sanitize as needed 
  • Dust and polish various surfaces 
  • Wash and put away dishes 
  • Restock bathrooms and kitchen with supplies 
  • Empty trash bins 
  • Keep track of cleaning, bathroom, kitchen, and canteen supplies and items Keep track of cleaning schedule 

Office Cleaner Requirements and Qualifications 

  • Prior cleaning experience (highly preferred)
  • A high standard for cleanliness 
  • Attention to detail 
  • Ability to follow instructions 
  • Time-management skills 
  • Physical stamina 
  • Must agree to the confidentiality of company information and respect the privacy of clientele. 

This position is for self-employed persons (zzp-er) for 3 hours per day,  from Monday – Friday 12:30-3:30 pm, not including holidays or office closure. 

Interested persons can send their resumes to [email protected],  Senior Administrative Assistance SJIS.  

Or hand in your resume at the office of SJIS at  

the Yogesh Commercial Center at the AJC Brouwers Rd. Nr. 4, Cul de Sac.  For more questions about this position please call 5264316. 

The deadline for submission is August 11th.