The government of Sint Maarten is looking for professionals who want to make an active contribution to the development of the country. In particular, the Department of Justice is looking for a:


Organizational unit: Staff Bureau
Job title: Section Head B


The work is carried out within a ministry, Department, Service or Section of Sint Maarten. One or more of the following activities can be performed within the position. Manages employees up to and including HBO level.

Result areas

Management of the Section
1. Ensures the planning and coordination of the practical-theoretical implementation, sets priorities,
distributes, checks and monitors the progress and quality of the activities (target, result and client-oriented) in the field of personnel policy;
2. Promotes the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of the autopsy activities;
3. Conducts the daily personnel management, initiates and conducts work consultations and supports and coaches’ employees professionally in the field of personnel policy and personnel management;
4. Takes care of the organization and operational management of the section, with a strong emphasis on
personnel and financial tasks;
5. Prepares the annual personnel planning and budget based on the Department or service plan and indicates priorities, provides periodic reports to the Secretary-General.

Coordination of the human resource policy processes and/or policy implementation and advice in a defined part of a policy area of a Department or Service
6. Makes substantial contributions to drawing up guiding (multi-)annual policy plans and making policy
7. Actively follows and analyzes relevant social and political developments in the human resource policy area for the area of activity and considers the ensuing consequences for the section in the medium term;
8. Prepares policy documents, project proposals and plans, process descriptions and advice, ensures the development of instruments and their implementation and advises on specific, publicly sensitive or complex issues;
9. Contributes to the drafting/adjustment of the organization regulation or decisions;
10. Informs and advises the head about the state of affairs with regard to policy files;
11. Sets up, supervises and directs substantive research into development and in the focus area and makes policy proposals and supervises research conducted by external parties;
12. Ensures the evaluation of the effects of the policy or implementation, identifies points for attention and bottlenecks and indicates alternatives, scenarios and solutions, reports substantively to the head;
13. Files petitions and conducts (complex) proceedings in court;
14. Chairs or participates in major policy projects;
15. Participates in Department or Service consultations and advises on current issues from his own expertise.


– The section head B takes decisions when managing this segment of the section, when making substantial contributions to the drawing up of multi-year policy plans, when conducting (complex) proceedings before the court and about the manner of coordination with regard to adopt positions in external consultative bodies;
– the Department or Service operational plan, policy and legislation and regulations form the framework;
– the Section Head B is accountable to the Secretary General with regard to directing the section and
coordinating the policy processes and/or policy implementation and the usefulness of the advice in a
defined part of a policy area of a department or service.
Knowledge and skills
– Broad theoretical knowledge of the policy area of the Department or Service in which the section functions and in-depth knowledge of its own policy area;
– Knowledge of administrative and organizational structures within government and of the functioning of the business community;
– Leadership and advising skills;
– Skills in directing (inter)island and national project and working groups and in result-oriented negotiation;
– Ability to disseminate policy advice and positions in an (inter)national context.


– With other sections, Departments and/or Heads of Services about long-term developments, issues and bottlenecks to advise on possible solutions;
– With (inter)island and (inter)national committees and consultation structures about policy positions during consultation and negotiation situations to get policy implemented and to gain support;
– With representatives of other governments and trade unions on policy aspects to communicate, elucidate and ensure that the results are achieved.

The offer

In principle, this concerns an appointment for three years with the prospect of a permanent appointment. The salary depends on knowledge and experience and is at the maximum level of scale 13. If you live outside Sint Maarten, the costs associated with the relocation will be reimbursed in accordance with the applicable policy.


Qualified candidates are invited to apply by sending a letter with CV to the Minister of Justice before May 31 st, 2022, to the following email: [email protected] mentioning the function.
For a detailed job description, please contact Ms. Lynch aforementioned, on telephone number 1-721-542-0007/542-0065 or by email.